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Marketing for Seminar Registration Companies

So you have decided to choose Seminar Registration services for your marketing niche, here is a step by step process of how to find and land customers like these.

Step 1 – Help find new Customers

One of the best ways to find a Seminar Registration company is to ask neighbors and friends and ask who they use. That way you can contact them through an introduction and that will almost seal the deal right there.

You are asking if you can help them market better and to a wider audience so this is doing them a huge favor while you are finding your feet.

Another great place to find this type of customer is in the classifieds section. Grab your local newspaper and look at the back for the small ads and give them a quick call to offer your services.

Step 2 – What to Say to Them

What your customers want is someone else, other than themselves, finding them more customers.

That is what you will be offering, in return for a fee of course. And your fee can be paid either upfront, paid weekly, or if you wish based on a number count of the calls you make.

And once they start to see new customers coming in their doors, they will be your client for life.

Start by asking prospective customers where they advertise currently and what is working, and what is not working.

You are offering an additional marketing channel through calling up relevant potential customers in their local area and letting them know about your client’s pool cleaning service.

They will think that you want a big payment up-front so be sure to explain the way you prefer to be compensated for every new customer you bring into their business.

Step 3 – How to Sign Them Up

Pool cleaning is not a huge business but it is time consuming, so be sure to tell them how you are doing the marketing for them so they can take on more customers.

Ask about how they deal with new customers at the moment and explain how you can easily fit in what they are doing and vasty improve their business through your new skills as a marketing entrepreneur.

Step By Step with Contacted

Let’s get started with how to actually do call marketing for Seminar Registration Companies

Seminar Registration

Call Script

  1. People need their pools cleaned regularly, and they hate doing it themselves.
  2. First, why not call the local pool cleaning companies and offer them your Contact Center Services. Offer to tell residents that you can have someone adjust their chemicals and extend the life of their swimming pool investment. And, of course, provide them with a free quote for ongoing service.
  3. Here is a starter Script that you can modify:

“Hello this is ________, I’m calling on behalf of Mr. Jones who is hosting a seminar for “Fishing and Boating Magazine,” as you are a subscriber, Mr. Jones wanted me to call you personally and let you know that a seat is being reserved for you and that he will meet with you personally at the event.  May I take your reservation now?

Want more resources?

Always ask for Referrals!

We recommend that both you and the vendor sign a "Work For Hire Agreement" to specify the terms of your agreement accurately and to define the revenue split, salary, or commission, that you'll receive, and of course, to define when you get paid.

Here are a few examples of different starter  Agreements* [Work for Hire Agreement] that you could adapt for your own use.

*Always have an attorney review all legal documents before using.

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So “in-a-nutshell” all you need to do is use our software to make calls to help local businesses find customers and new opportunities.

You can become your own boss in just one day, it really is that easy.  

And it is at NO COST to you!  And NO RISK to you!

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