Instant Contact Center

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Instant Contact Center with Script Merge, Auto-Dialer

(1) Instant Contact Center,
(2) Integrated CRM,
(3) Telesales Script Merge Module, and
(4) Next-record-in-database Auto-Dialer.

Upload your telesales script(s), import your leads… start power prospecting today!

Start growing your business today
(100% money back guarantee*!)

Only US$29.95/mo.*
Additional employees only $9.95

It’s easy…

Step 1. Import your leads into the (included) Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).
Step 2. Create your custom Telesales Script.
Step 3. Insert your Data Merge fields.
Step 4. Select your own preferred Softphone or use Skype (no phone bills).
Step 5. Click on the Start dialing button…

…up pops your data-merged telesales script, fully integrated into your new CRM… wow!

*Contacted uses either your own existing Softphone or Skype account… NO complicated setup and NO additional phone bill.

Instant Call Center