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We invite you to become a “Startup Founder” is fully developed, live, tested and ready to launch.  This Crowdfunding capital will be used for maintenance programming, customer support staff, training certification courses, and office expenses.

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Discover Contacted

“An Innovative Contact Center Solution for Business and Individuals”

Why should you take a keen interest in this innovative solution and the generous reward program associated with it?

You profit from the generous Rewards program and, as Startup Founder, you can join our journey as a passive partner, user, or distributor.  Earn yourself the opportunity to profit by selling this innovative communications solution to a hungry market that is expanding exponentially.

A new book, published this month by our company Fonder, and included in the Rewards program, gives you full instructions on how to launch and make money with this product.  It is an outstanding business opportunity, so let’s explain our confidence in the way Contacted comes with a substantial profit potential.

Contacted addresses and solves two unique business trends.

  • Contact Centers, as distinct from the traditional Call Centers, handle all modern communication methods.  They are in huge worldwide demand because businesses, small and large, need improved methods to acquire and interact with people who now demand quick responses on preferred channels like social media, live chat, SMS, call and video conferencing.
  • There are thousands of trained, English speaking Call and Contact Center staff members who want to break free, become self-employed, work from home, and enjoy a brighter future.  Contacted gives them this opportunity because of its minimal start-up cost.

demand vs supply

Let’s first address the current business environment.

The business environment

The Internet and the mobile revolution in particular, have dramatically changed the business environment and customer behavior.

  • An online presence is mandatory because people now look for their needs online.
  • The task of finding new customers, servicing their needs, solving their problems and engaging constructively with them has become a challenging task for business owners.
  • People use their smartphone to search, locate, and interact with suppliers. They use new communication methods like live chat, SMS, social media, call and video conferencing.
  • Businesses must be responsive to these trends while tending to their core competencies in serving existing customers.

It’s all about communication

Unless staffed with a well-funded and dedicated marketing department, business owners have neither the time nor the inclination, to master and embrace modern communication methods like social media, live chat, email, SMS, call and video conferencing.  The smartphone revolution has made people demanding. They want quick responses, and they want it on their preferred communication channel.

For these reasons, the Contact Center market is a multi-billion industry expanding exponentially across the world.

The no barrier home based business opportunity

Thousands upon thousands of people around the world are stuck in mundane, unrewarding employment.  This includes trained, English speaking Call Center staff members who harbor an ambition to break free and start a profitable home based business, using skills already acquired.

Individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset can launch their Contact Center business, work from home and build a brighter future for themselves and their family. Contacted is the answer to their ambitions.  This is what they can do:

  • Offer outbound call campaigns aimed at finding new customers for business owners of all kinds.
  • Respond to customer inquiries and process sales orders channeled through any preferred communication channel.
  • Free business owners to concentrate on their core skills.

Contacted gives them this opportunity for a start-up cost of less than $100

business opportunity

Contacted Is a Fully Integrated Contact Center Suite

Contacted comes with the following features:

  It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee). A fully integrated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee). Online real-time web based software.

 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee). Script Writer with in-built Mail Merge.

 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee). Next record in database Auto-Dialer.

 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee). Automatic Dispositions Updater for the CRM.

 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee). Internet Hosting.

 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee). Online Help Manual and tutorials.

We help businesses grow

Build your own Contact Center Suite business at home, or small office, for under “US$100”.  All you need is a personal computer and an Internet connection.

Operating a Contact Center like ours is simple

  1. Import your leads into the CRM database.
  2. Create your Call Script and insert appropriate Data Merge fields.
  3. Create a Call Campaign list (contacts to call).
  4. Select your preferred Softphone, or use Skype.
  5. Click on the Auto-Dialer Start button.  

It’s that easy!

Once you have completed your first call and entered and stored a Call Disposition (call status) into the CRM, the AutoDialer dials the next lead in your list.  This feature alone can increase your staff productivity ten-fold.  Telemarketers have to focus on the dialing instead of talking to other people in-between calls.

Contacted pricing 

  • The 1st month is FREE!
  • Optionally, continue for only $29.95 per month.
  • Optionally, add additional Agents for only $10 each.

You get a FREE no obligation 30-day trial.  Then, if you like the product, there’s a $29.95 per month subscription fee.

Product Status

  • The Contacted product is ready, the support structure and the personnel are in place.  We are ready to go!
  • The product has been used, tested, and refined over a period of three years and used extensively between our offices located in Florida, Nevada, Manila, Singapore, and Bangkok.

We offer you the opportunity to share our journey.  We offer a low-cost Reward Based Crowd Funding program, over a limited period.  You can become a Passive Partner, a User, or a Contacted distributor.

Keep Calm and Contact

People with an entrepreneurial spirit can start their own home based business with a FREE 30-day trial and an ongoing monthly subscription fee of only $29.95.

Finally, who built Contacted, and where do we come from?

Contacted, a Multi-National Software Development Company

  • A company with close to 30 years of experience in providing custom software to the multi-level marketing industry  A company that has built its success on effective and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.
  • A company with sales, marketing, development, and support staff in multiple locations around the world.
  • A company with leadership based on entrepreneurship and a firm conviction that problems are there to be solved, and customer relationships are built on a win-win foundation.

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The $200 Reward Program

This is how you can share in, and support our journey. 

Each US$200 Donation qualifies you to receive an unprecedented US$4,297.95 in value:

  1. A free copy of a newly published book by our company founder titled Keep Calm and Contacted: “How to Launch a Home Based Contacted Center for Less Than US$100”. This is your blueprint for how to succeed and build an income with a Contact Center. 
    Value: US$14.95
  2. A 10 Year Personal Transferable User License and Subscription
    Value: US$3,594.
  3. 20 “Scratch Cards”, each equal to a one-month of user subscription fees.
    Value: US$599 value.
  4. Accreditation on our corporate website: “With thanks to… Our Startup Founders”.

Total value: US$4,297.95 per donation.

Join Us Now

Take action and become a Startup Founder now.  Your $200 contribution will give you $4,000+ of value in immediate return.

Entrepreneurs act swiftly and decisively when they see an opportunity.  How about you? Join us as a passive partner, user, or distributor and also benefit from this opportunity to build or market a profitable home-based or small office business. Business enterprises, shops, trades people, charity, communal and other public organizations need it now to stay competitive.

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