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We’ll show you the steps required in building your own Contact Center Suite Business at home or small office, for under “US$100”.

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It is so simple:

Contact Center Suite  Import your leads into the (included) Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

Contact Center Suite  Create your custom Call Script.

Contact Center Suite  Insert your Data Merge fields.

Contact Center Suite  Select your own preferred SoftPhone, or use Skype.

Contact Center Suite  Click on the Auto-Dialer Start button.  It’s that easy!

After placing your first call and then updating the Call Disposition, the AutoDialer feature will automatically start dialing the next lead in your database, resulting in your employees being focused on dialing, and not talking to other people in-between each call.

Studies show the numbers of calls made by Contact Center Agents greatly increase when using AutoDialers.

 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee).  The 1st month is FREE!
 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee).  Optionally, continue for only $29.95 per month.
 It's only $29.95 (with a Money Back Guarantee).  Optionally, add additional Agents for only $10 each.

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Contacted is a fully integrated Contact Center Suite:

  • A full Contact Center Suite of tools.
  • Fully integrated CRM
  • Online real-time web based software.
  • Script Writer with Mail Merge.
  • Next record in database Auto-Dialer.
  • Automatic Dispositions Updater for the CRM.
  • Internet Hosting.
  • Online User Guide tutorial.
  • You get a FREE no obligation 30-day trial.  Then, if you like the product, there’s a $29.95 per month subscription fee.

By all means, survey the market.  Most likely, you will find that competitive systems may cost thousands of dollars to setup, maintain and operate.

My comprehensive Contact Center Suite is a unique product that has everything fully integrated.  It is a system focused on maximizing the quantity and quality of calls made.  Quality is equally as important as the quantity of calls made per shift.

Did you know that an average telemarketer who does not use an Auto-Dialer makes an average of 8 to 10 “good calls” per day?  Automation in the form of our Contact Center Suite in most instances increases the call count to 100-120 per day.  How’s that for increased productivity?

With Contacted you can start dialing in literally minutes after installation.  Remember, I developed this powerful workhorse system because I experienced serious weaknesses and flaws in the Contact Center software industry.

Try for 30 days.  I know you’ll love it.  And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter because there’s NO CATCH; the first-month trial is FREE, and the ongoing monthly subscription fee is super low.  How’s that for product confidence?

If you are interested, the Contacted Integrated CRM and Outbound Contact Center Suite it is available at  I honestly believe that it is the best Contact Center suite available for you.  It is a no risk proposition that you can use to start making money now.

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