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Work from home by helping your businesses find more customers. Become an entrepreneur with our incredible income opportunity, and our unique Suite of FREE Online Tools, from the comfort of your favorite sofa. FIND OUT HOW

What is Contacted?
Home Marketing Suite

Our FREE online Home Marketing Suite empowers you to become your own Contact Center marketing agency.  

We enable you to make serious money by helping local and international businesses find new customers.


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You’ve recognized that virtually all businesses need your help and you’ve decided to move forward!  Next, you need to select a business “type” that you can approach, that might be interested in your services.  You know you can help them with their marketing efforts, and it just so happens that doing so is fun and highly profitable.


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Now that you have the “type” of business you want to help, you need the tools to do the job. Our Contact Center Suite empowers you to work from anywhere that has internet access!  Work from your home, your local coffee shop, even from the beach.

It’s super simple to sign-up, and Contacted is absolutely FREE!


“I really enjoyed the free online course, thank you!”

“A great way to see what it’s all about before signing up.”


Mary’s Story

Mary is a stay at home mom with a very active child.  She used to work in sales and has always wanted to find an opportunity to make more money for the family, in an easy way, and from home.  Then she found contacted!

Mary read the tutorials and liked how everything was absolutely free.  Once she felt confident enough, Mary then spoke to her Yoga instructor to ask if he wanted someone to help with finding new customers.

When Mary confirmed the first customer for her Yoga instructor, she was over the moon and since then has gone on to help more local businesses, while making over $1,000 per week for her family.


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