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“Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

–  Confucius

Want to work from home, don’t know where to start?

A home based Contact Center is the answer to achieving your ambitions. Flexible working hours, and you get to choose the services you can offer.

Is paying for expensive training out of your reach?

Our included training materials will guide you from novice to expert in a matter of days. The rest is just practice.

worried about not having the right skills or experience?

Our published book “Keep Calm and Contact – How to Launch a Home Based Contact Center” teaches you everything you need to know.

Get your free copy now!  


What is This?

Marketing Suite

“Contacted” is a FREE Home Marketing Suite that will empower you to become your own Marketing Agency.  

Our unique suite of tools will empower you to make serious money by helping local and international businesses find new customers and by helping them promote their businesses.


Get Inspired

Find your niche

You’ve recognized that virtually all businesses need your help and you’ve decided to move forward!  Next, you need to select a business “type” that you can approach that might be interested in your services.

You can help them with their marketing efforts, and it just so happens that doing so is fun and highly profitable.


The First Step

Sign-Up FREE!

Now that you have selected the “type” of business you want to work with, you need the tools to do the job.  Our FREE Contact Center Suite empowers you to work from anywhere that has internet access!  Work from your home, your local coffee shop, even from the beach.

It’s super simple to sign-up, and Contacted is absolutely FREE!


“I really enjoyed the free course!”

“A great way to see what it’s all about.”

Mary’s Story

Mary is a stay at home mom with a very active child.  She has always wanted to find an opportunity to make more money for the family, in an easy way, and from home. 

Then Mary found Contacted

Mary read every page of the Contacted website carefully and especially liked how everything was absolutely free. 

Once she felt confident enough, Mary then spoke to her Yoga instructor to ask if he wanted someone to help with finding new customers. 

Later, when Mary confirmed placing the first customer for her Yoga instructor, she was over the moon.  Since then Mary has gone on to help more local businesses while creating a regular and substantial income for her family at the same time.



ALMOST Guaranteed to make money!

I just 30 minutes you’ll be able to get started making money from home, with no cost, and no risk what-so-ever!  My proven training methods will catapult you to success, with minimum effort.

Watch my “proven-to-make-money” Webinar to see how. 

Click on the image below and join my Free Webinar.

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