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Canned Call Scripts Work

Canned Call Scripts Work

Canned Call Scripts Work

Call Scripts work and are critical because they maintain control and keep the presentation focused towards the intended end goal.  If you depend on the supposed experience of your “expert employees”, the net results will most often be LESS than satisfactory!
Maybe 5% of your employees are capable and could be left to improvise, the other 95% will always do better with a formal script.  A good Telesales Script must be updated daily, from other employees feedback.
If left to their own devices the 95% will invariably say… “The script doesn’t work”, or that “they hate canned scripts”, but the documented fact is they’ll always attain a higher number of commitments (sales) with a script, than without one… providing of course they have a well crafted script.
A carefully planned and constantly updated script will provide you with valuable data that can be used in the training of other employees and will provide statistical analysis that will have many different uses.

Telemarketing Suite

Telemarketing Suite

Telemarketing Suite, with Script Merge Module, Auto-Dialer, FREE CRM and Hosting… only $29.95 per mo.

Step 1 – Import your leads into the included CRM*.
Step 2 – Create your custom Telesales Script.
Step 3 – Insert your Data Merge fields.
Step 4 – Upload your own database or add new.
Step 5 – Select your preferred SoftPhone or Skype. 
Step 6 – Click on the Auto-Predictive-Dialer Start button… and up pops your data-merged telesales script, fully integrated into your CRM… WOW!

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* = Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).





Grow your Business Today

Grow your Business Today

Grow your business today

Telemarketing is one of the great way of getting new sales and new businesses these days. With the internet telemarketing become more easier on the modern world and it become more easier with Telemarketing Suite – The Instant Virtual Call Center from


Your own Instant Call Center, Telemarketing Suite, with integrated CRM, Telesale Script Merge Module and Next-record-in-database Auto-Dialer… all delivered for only US$29.95/mo. *

Upload your own sales script(s), import your own leads and start the Auto-Dialer… instantly start to grow your business today just by picking up the telephone!

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